Mongolia Ulan Bator AMR system

In 2012, Our DDSI666 single phase smart meter and DTSI666 three phase smart meter have been used in Ulan Bator, it solved the problem of data collection, with the effectiveness and accuracy for Ulan Bator power company, in this project, more than 4000 meters were used, the contract amount more than 1000000RMB, and this project was praised by Mongolia power company.


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Mongolia project1.jpg

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Tajikistan power network reconstruction project

Since 2007, our DDS666 single phase meters have been used in Tajikistan power network reconstruction project, it solved the problem of low measurement accuracy of the original machine meter, the meter with high accuracy and increase read meter efficiency, in this project , more than 3000000 meters were used, and this project was praised by Tajikistan power company.

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