Three Phase Prepaid Energy Meter

Three Phase Prepaid Energy Meter

Reliable Choice ◎ IC Card Prepayment ◎ Balance Alarm ◎ Multiple Data Encryption

Product Details

DTSY666 Three Phase Prepaid Energy Meter

Three Phase Smart Card Meter


DTSY666 Three Phase IC card prepayment electric meter is used in three phase four wire power network. It is realizing prepaid energy fee, energy metering and protecting over load power consuming.


◆ Active energy metering

◆ Buy energy first then use. The load will automatic switch off when the bought energy used up.

◆ One card one password, the data is Safe and reliable.

◆ With functions of information transmission, through the user card the measurement data in meter can be data back to the working state and sell electricity system, for the use of settlement, statistics, management.

◆ With error operation and fault indication functions.

◆ Using LCD display, can display the current total active energy used, remain energy, the latest purchasing energy

◆ Easy to replace the Battery, without uninstalling.

◆ LCD backlight can increase readability under low light condition.

◆ DTSY666 Wiring diagram: