Three Phase Smart Meter

Three Phase Smart Meter

Better AMI Performance

Product Details

CHS330 Three Phase Smart Power Meter


◎ DLMS/COSEM Protocol
◎ Module Design
◎ Flexible Payment Method


CHS330 three phase smart meter is the smart measurement and load control unit which can be used in three phase four wire power network. It can be integrated into AMI system and it complies with IEC and EN standard and uses DLMS/COSEM HDLC and IPV4 protocol to communicate with the utility by local communication (RS485 and Optical port) and remote communication modem for energy consumption monitoring/power net quality monitoring/load limited monitoring/event record monitoring.



◆ Multi-tariff with 10 switch-time tables, 8 day tables, 12 week tables and 12 season tables.

◆ Maximum demand for total and tariffs active/reactive/apparent power.

◆ Internal switch relay for load control by configuring, load limited control and at least 6 channel load profile records.

◆ Event log function including multiple tamper event detections/power net event detections /load control detections.

◆ Flexible RTC with accuracy 0.5s /day, and leap year auto switch.

◆ Easy to identify the alarm and error via the LCD display and LED.

◆ Easy to operate by 2 buttons.

◆ Standard BS or DIN bottom convenient for site installation.

◆ Easy to replace the Battery in the field.

◆ LCD backlight can increase readability under low light condition.


◆ CHS330 installation diagram: