Three Phase Electronic Meter

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DTS634 Three Phase Electronic Meter

Three-phase Electronic Watt-hour Meter

◎ Low Power Consumption
◎ Bi-Direction Measurement
◎ Optional Display


Main functions and features:

◆ It can measure three phase forward、reverse active energy, the forward measurement of reverse electrical energy

◆ All products adopt stable performance、low power consumption of industrial components, use the SMT craftsmanship carefully design and manufacture.

◆ Phase failure indicator function (optional):When A, B, C three-phase have electricity, yellow, green, red lights are bright ( or out ), when one or two phase is powered off, then the corresponding fault phase indicating lights will be extinguished ( or light ), indicating the phase power off, which corresponds to A yellow indicator lamp phase, green indicator corresponding to B phase, the red indicator light is corresponding to C phase.