Bi-directional Metering Single-phase Meter

- Feb 23, 2018-

The bidirectional metering single-phase meter has the very powerful practical application function in the entire design, in the use process also has the reliability and the stability, has the function which prevents the electricity stealing. Using the optical coupling output detection signal, the light-emitting diode indicates electricity. including single-phase electronic ammeter and single-phase card ammeter and card prepaid meter, etc. are very durable effect. Advanced technology manufacturing of the latest domestic energy metering new products, including its product integrity and the use of good performance, improve work efficiency, to ensure that the resulting energy can be effectively converted to the machine to send to the generator, and then converted to electricity.

Two-way metering single-phase meter function is also very complete, in the use of the process can be better with the overall role. is an insulating layer of equipment, so in the case of supply development is also better to meet the application, there is the rapid development of communications industry, in the future development of the use of the process will be more. More advantages, in the long-term use can be more in line with the application, the product's structural size is usually small and more uniform, manufacturing precision requirements. In the life of the application is more, the long-term use of more application of the effect of more convenient.