Classification Of Smart Terminals

- Jul 03, 2018-

Folding home intelligent terminal

Family intelligence is the integration of information transmission, information processing and equipment control involved in home life, forming an automatic or semi automatic modern home environment space. People need a lot of information exchange in life and work, and the breakthrough of information technology is the successful realization of the 2.5 kilometer telegraph transmission by Marconi in 1895. Its practical significance lies in breaking through the limited space for information exchange. Since then, the telephone and computer are also the way to break through the space of information communication, making people's work and life changed greatly, and the application of computer network / Internet technology to the field of home intelligence, and we see a new world. The latest TCP/IP - based home smart terminal, which has appeared on the market, has fully realized the integration of the functions of the original multiple independent systems, and on this basis, some new functions have been added. Let's see what new generation of TCP/IP based home smart terminals can bring to us.

Function of computer application software

1) the combination of telephone, business card, mail, special ringtones and notepaper, and the overall application function;

2) OFFICE function (WORD, EXEL reading and word processing software);

3) handwriting recognition, document management, data synchronization, such as PC card entry and sharing via name card.

PSTN smart phone function

1) telephone management: unified management of name and telephone number, convenient search, "one hit" dialing, direct call to show the name;

2) call screening function: you can use this function if you do not want to come from a certain number of phone calls in a certain period of time.

3) characteristic ringtone (personalized music song ringing, personal phone ringing preset);

4) voice recording process, special message for a specific call.

5) provide electronic memorandum notes for the record of the required information during the call.

6) IP dialing (the preset automatic prefix dialing of the IP card);

Function of the family information assistant

1) temporary memorandum notes;

2) special event reminder (personaliz    ed music reminder, automatic transmission; mobile phone short message reminder);

3) send and receive e-mail;

4) surfing the Internet;

5) MP3 music play;

6) community network handwriting chatting: no matter men, women and children, as long as they can write Chinese characters, they can communicate through this intelligent terminal in the electronic community.

7) online games;

Folding 3G smart terminals

Smart phones use an open operating system, which can load corresponding programs to implement the corresponding functions, and provide a broad stage for software operation and content service. Many value-added services can be carried out on this basis, such as stock, news, weather, traffic, goods, application downloads, music picture downloads and so on. At the same time, combined with the support of 3G communication network, the development trend of smart phone will become a powerful and comprehensive personal handheld terminal which integrates call, SMS, network access, film and television entertainment.

Its characteristics:

It has all the functions of ordinary mobile phones, and can carry out normal phone calls, text messaging and other mobile applications.

It has the capability of wireless access to the Internet, that is to say, CDMA 1X or 3G network under GPRS network or CDMA network needs to be supported under GSM network.

It has the functions of PDA, including PIM (personal information management), agenda diary, task arrangement, multimedia application, and browsing web pages.

With an open operating system platform, it can install more applications, so that the functions of smart phones can be expanded indefinitely.

It has a humanized aspect and can expand the function of the machine according to individual needs.

It has powerful functions, strong expansibility and third party software support.

Folding digital conference desktop smart terminals

With the rapid development of science and technology, and the increasing demands of the government and troops on the construction of intelligent conference rooms, the old-fashioned form of conference has been unable to adapt to the requirements of the modern conference system. The modern conference system requires "network, digitalization, intelligence and integration". The digital conference desktop intelligent terminal system is a continuous innovation meeting on the basis of "four chemicals", which integrates IT technology, digital technology, network technology, microelectronic technology, computer interactivity, communication distribution, communication technology and so on. Interconnected, creating an interactive meeting environment.

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