Demonstration Of Chint's Scientific Research Strength

- Mar 16, 2020-

1. Scientific research system

Referring to the international advanced integrated product development (IPD) model, the management standard of development and design management is established, which specifies the management requirements and methods of a series of process items from product input to product launch. In order to effectively control the quality of project process, project management quality control points such as scheme review, prototype review, trial production review and trial production review are set up. Management software such as PLM product life cycle management system and SVN version management system are effectively applied to standardize the management of product development process and realize the "standardization, standardization and modularization" of the whole process of product development.

2. R & D environment

It has the leading product R & D, testing and testing rooms in the industry, inspection, testing and electromagnetic compatibility equipment and tool software to ensure the quality of the R & D process, a variety of MCU, arm, DSP, measurement chip software and hardware development platforms and C language cross compilation and development capabilities. ATS automatic test system and carrier test platform are developed, and full performance test is carried out for products.

EMC Laboratory

EMC Laboratory

EMC Laboratory2

Product testing laboratory

Environmental Laboratory

Test room

Communication Laboratory

Terminal function laboratory

3. R & D team

The company takes technology as its support, upholds the spirit of craftsman, and takes the development road of quality and efficiency. Every year, 12% of the sales revenue is invested in the construction of talent introduction, technological innovation, new product research and development, test equipment and information-based research and development management platform. It has set up a provincial Measurement Technology Research Institute, with 11 systems and equipment R & D departments and overseas product R & D centers covering the measurement of electricity, gas, water, thermal energy and electric energy metering boxes, industrial control instruments, analog meters, charging equipment and other industries. It has more than 470 professional technology teams, including more than 40 people with master's degree or above, and more than 75% of them have bachelor's degree. It has been engaged in the measurement industry for 5 years The above accounts for more than 40%.

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