Digital Instrument Features

- Aug 30, 2017-

1) digital display, the reading does not exist visual error.

2) the accuracy is generally high, digital electrical instrument because there is no mechanical and electrical parts of the movable part, so the mechanical friction Sassafras, deformation of the impact of minimal, as long as the quality of components, performance is no problem, digital instrument is relatively easy to make Very high precision of the instrument, such as Shenzhen Ke Li Heng Electronics Co., Ltd. production of the KM display table accuracy has reached 0.01%, the agent of the CSS series of products has reached one hundred thousandth of the accuracy, and the current general Electrical and electronic instrument precision of 0.1% is not easy, and digital meters can easily reach 0.05%, there are some digital instruments to achieve 0.01% accuracy.

high sensitivity. Because some digital instruments are equipped with a variety of amplifying lines or devices, it is possible to measure smaller signals such as voltage signals of about 1V, about 1mA current signal number, 0.01Hz frequency signal

4) High input impedance. Digital instrument itself has a working power itself, in addition to measuring the current, the general impedance can be made higher, so that the measurement of the measured physical impact is very small.

5) easy to use. In particular, the laboratory with portable, desktop instrumentation can be made multi-range (currently there are -1999 ~ 9999 display range of KM table system), multi-function instrument (measurable current and voltage frequency power line speed).

6) anti-jamming performance to teach poor, due to the high sensitivity of digital instruments, the side effect is poor anti-jamming performance, external magnetic field and electric field and other changes easily lead to changes in readings, in order to solve this phenomenon; Shenzhen Ke Liheng company, , The application of advanced surface mount technology and electromagnetic isolation technology, arc design panel to ensure long-term stability of the instrument.

7) The accuracy of the digital instrument, the method is different from the pointer meter, digital instrument generally more than the above limit or reading value as a percentage of the reference value plus a few numbers to represent the accuracy of the table, such as KM series of digital display Instrumentation, system accuracy 0.1% (DC), 0.2% (AC) full scale 1 word. General multi-function, multi-range digital multimeter of the various functions, range gear is different, the accuracy is not the same. So in the choice and use of digital instruments should be cited, it is best to find a special instrumentation for your selection.