Energy Meter Market In 2018 Ushered In The Outbreak Period

- Feb 21, 2018-

As an important product in electrical instruments and meters, watt-hour meter is a statutory measuring instrument used for power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution and electric power metering. The competition pattern of the energy meter product changes with the upgrading of the energy meter product itself.

The development course of watt-hour meter can be divided into three stages of inductive (mechanical) watt-hour meter, common electronic (multifunction) watt-hour meter and intelligent electronic watt-hour meter. Before 2005, the energy meter used in China is mainly the traditional inductive watt-hour meter. Since 2005, electronic watt-hour meter sales exceeded the first induction watt-hour meter. Intelligent Watt-hour meter is a new type of electronic watt-hour meter, which can lay a foundation for realizing step-by-step power metering, bidirectional interactive service, intelligent home and intelligent community.

The growth of the global intelligent watt-hour meter market has brought great development opportunities for the intelligent watt-hour meter manufacturers. The IEA estimates that the number of smart watt-hour meters installed in the global Smart grid by the end of 2013 reached 760 million, and that by 2020 the smart grid would cover 80% of the world's population. The market demand in different regions in different stages of the outbreak, forming the global Intelligent Energy meter market continued to increase the main driving force.

The new electric meter follows the trend of the market, accelerates the development and upgrade of the new intelligent watt-hour meter, makes the products more popular in the market, to enhance the innovation ability and strength of the enterprise.