Function And Characteristics Of Single Phase Prepaid Meter

- Sep 06, 2018-

1. Active power metering and long-term work need not be adjusted.

2, a table (household) a card, has a good anti-counterfeiting;

3. When the remaining power is equal to the alarm power, the digital tube is always bright to remind users to buy electricity in time.

4, when the residual power is 0, tripping is cut off.

5. Prevent stealing electricity and record illegal power consumption information automatically.

6, overload automatic power cut, convenient for the power sector to increase the truth.

7. Large capacity magnetic field relay, low power consumption and high reliability.

8, data back writing function, convenient for power sector management;

9. All the components in the ammeter are long-life, high-reliability electronic components, so

Single Phase Prepaid Meter has the characteristics of long life and high reliability.

10, the supporting IC card sale management system has complete functions of selling electricity management and power consumption monitoring.

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