How Much Do You Know About Zhengtai Gas Meter Certification

- Apr 26, 2020-

Why do gas meter products have to be certified?

Due to its particularity, gas meter products need to be certified by relevant domestic and foreign authoritative organizations before they can be produced and sold in the certification area. Various related certifications are "physical examination certificates", "credit letters", Security certificate ".

What certifications do gas meters have?


Measuring instrument type approval certificate (CPA certification), measuring instrument type evaluation report. The type approval of domestic measuring instruments is an approval of whether the type of new measuring instruments meets the legal requirements. The type approval certificate issued by the measurement administrative department of the State Council can be used as a national general type and approved in corresponding measuring instruments Use the special CPA mark and number of the type approval of measuring instruments on the packaging.

Explosion-proof certificate. Products that have obtained this certificate need to meet the relevant explosion-proof level requirements.


EN1359 certification. Certificate of the highest standard for membrane gas meters issued by the European Union.

OIML certification. The International Legal Metrology Organization (OIML) is an intergovernmental agreement organization that includes member states, countries participating in technical activities, and corresponding members. China introduced the OIML certificate system for measuring instruments in 1991 to help manage procedures and reduce the international trade costs of legal measuring instruments. This system provides the possibility for manufacturers to obtain OIML certificates and test reports to prove that products comply with OIML international recommendations.

The MID Directive is certified. The MID Directive is the European Union's Measuring Instruments Directive. The European Union's Measuring Instruments Directive is a path for manufacturers' products to enter or conform to European standards for conformity assessment.

Chint Gas Meter Certification

In terms of domestic certification, Chint Gas has products that have passed the CPA certification and have relevant explosion-proof certification.

In terms of foreign certification, it has passed the full performance test of the Dutch NMI laboratory, an international authoritative certification agency, in 2006 and obtained EN1359: 1998 / AI: 2006 "Gas meters-Diaphragmmeters", EEC 71/318 "Diaphragmgas meters", 2004 / 22 / EC (MID Directive), OIML R31: 1995 "Diaphragm gas meters" and five international certifications of the Dutch national standards, and passed the MID factory certification, becoming the first company in the world to pass the 8000-hour natural gas durability test .

In recent years, Zhengtai Gas Meter has upgraded the existing management model and process level, integrated PLM, ERP, BOM, SAP, MES and other systems into the overall management system, responded to market demands in a timely and effective manner, and launched higher quality products. The product adopts barcode identification and recording technology, and automatically stores the results in the MES system to ensure that gas meter related information can be tracked and queried. The product can trace all the inspection records in the production process, including raw material inspection records, performance inspection records, etc.

In addition to cooperating with major domestic gas group companies, Chint gas meter products have also been exported to Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Colombia and other overseas countries and regions for a long time, continuously enhancing the influence of global brands, and actively responding to the national "All the way" call.