How To Collect Data Through USB Data Acquisition Card

- Sep 21, 2019-

USB is divided into two categories:

One is to use the USB port to transfer device data to the computer's card, or to use USB devices (such as U disk, mobile hard disk) to copy data from the device to the computer's capture card.

This card comes with a memory or simply uses a USB device to save data.

Typical equipment examples: USB digital video camera, camera (acquisition of images, professional point is photoelectric signal)

The second is the USB data analyzer, which also has a capture card. He has a USB AB complete channel connected between the computer and the USB device to be tested, and a set of digital circuits for connecting to the computer. This debug connection can use the serial port parallel port. It can also be a USB port, or a card bus (PCI, PCI-E, ISA speed does not work).

This capture card and box must have a cache, but the collected data is still stored in the computer.

Typical equipment example: Shuangfeiyan mouse test software (sorry, is a software HOOK device)

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