How To Discern The Truth And False Of Intelligent Water Meter?

- Dec 27, 2018-

Buying smart plug-in water meters in regular water meter manufacturers can not only protect our rights and interests from damage, but also we can rest assured when we use them later. Here we will teach you how to distinguish the true from the false of smart water meters.

1. Table glass. Counterfeit water meter glass is ordinary glass, and the glass that meets the standard should be toughened glass.

2.the appearance of the table. Low-quality water meters generally have uneven paint surface and no anticorrosive coating. The inner part of the table is very rough. The machine core is made of recycled harmful plastics. The copper cover is thin and narrow.

3. A more direct way is to compare weights. The weight of counterfeit water meter is obviously lighter than that of good quality water meter.

Moreover, the state clearly stipulates that the intelligent water meter should be compulsory appraisal to the metrological appraisal department before installation. Installation and use of unqualified products are not allowed. Therefore, you must choose the intelligent water meter manufactured by a regular manufacturer.

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