Installation And Use Of IC Card Domestic Diaphragm Gas Meter

- Sep 19, 2018-

1. Gas meters should not be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms and inflammable areas, should be in a dry and ventilated place, away from open fire at least 1.5 meters, to avoid direct sunlight.

2. Before installing the Diaphragm Gas Meter, scrap, dust and water should be excluded.

3. Gas meters should be installed upright and connected correctly according to the gas inlet direction marked on the housing.

4, gas pipeline entrance must be installed a closed gas valve (intake valve). After the gas meter is installed, the sealing of the joint should be checked. The gas pressure entering the gas meter must not exceed the maximum pressure value specified.

5, users first buy cards or buy gas from the gas supply department.

6. Insert the IC card outward into the watch, hear the "beep", and remove the card after 2 seconds.

7, when the "insufficient power" is displayed, remove the battery from the table and replace the new battery.

8, please buy the gas in time when there is "insufficient allowance".

9. When the valve closes due to battery replacement or other reasons, please insert the card to open the valve.

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