Intelligent Gas Meter Type

- Aug 30, 2017-

Since the natural gas alternative to traditional coal since the gas meter into the tens of thousands of households, with the use of gas, people for the gas meter function requirements are getting higher and higher. More and more requirements of the gas meter of the intelligence, controllability, security, "smart gas meter" will be born, then what is the smart gas meter? Smart gas meter are divided into what kind of species, but not too much people understand, here we introduce the current classification of the gas meter:

IC card smart gas meter

Using a logical encryption IC card as an information carrier, a table a card, accurate measurement, error stability, high sensitivity, safe and reliable, long life, good anti-theft, anti-corrosion ability;

Direct reading remote gas meter

The use of photoelectric direct reading technology, directly read the meter window value, no pulse cumulative error, the meter does not have power, only in the meter reading instant power work.

RF card smart gas meter

Non-contact card, cardless card slot, good sealing, can effectively avoid fumes and water vapor.

Ladder Gas Price Smart Gas Meter

In response to the national call, the implementation of gas sub-pricing, each household per month in the normal gas consumption range, gas price is a standard, more than the provisions of the gas price for another standard;

CPU card smart gas meter

CPU card smart gas meter in addition to the measurement and billing functions, it also has a storage of spare gas, record gas situation, networking and other functions;

Wireless remote gas meter

Wireless remote gas meter is based on the membrane gas meter for the measurement base, the installation of traffic signal acquisition module, radio frequency transmission module, the valve control module and power management module composed of a new intelligent gas meter.

Internet of things intelligent gas meter

GPRS Internet gas meter system, through China Mobile / Unicom GPRS as a carrier for gas meter data transmission of a new gas meter remote management solutions.