Introduction To Intelligent Energy Meter

- Aug 30, 2017-

What is a smart meter?

Compared with the old energy meter, intelligent energy meter with high precision measurement, power memory, meter reading time freeze, remote transmission and other information features.

Installation After using the smart meter, the user can directly through the meter on the LCD screen for electricity, alarm, historical electricity, power supply curve and other information. Users can use this information, to keep abreast of their own different times in the electricity situation, according to their own needs, to develop a scientific and rational electricity plan to reduce the actual electricity costs. The future can also check the real-time situation through the website, greatly improve the accuracy of meter reading, to effectively avoid the error of manual meter reading, and remote analysis of meter data to help power companies and users in the first time to obtain unusual circumstances, to facilitate timely repair, time.

Second, smart meters can give our lives what changes?

1. Urge to develop energy-saving habits. Because some users do not pay attention to some power details, such as: turn off the TV and computer, the screen power lights are still lit, or the computer in the standby mode, a variety of chargers are also plug in the power, etc., although these Power is very small, smart meters will be recorded, so accumulated over time, power is not small. Therefore, let more people "smart" electricity is the function of smart meters. Through the smart meter to urge people to develop energy-saving habits.

2. Change people to use electricity. The meter contains time-sharing function, the data is divided into two periods every day. Residents can be based on the smart meter shows the two periods of electricity, the use of "peak valley" period of electricity such as: the electric water heater, washing machine, etc. at 21:00 to 8:00 in the morning use, because the implementation of this period of low Electricity price. Users can query your electricity situation through the smart meter, if more at night, less during the day, then you can go to the business hall to apply for time-sharing price, easy to save a lot of electricity.

3. Let people change the living habits of electricity, optimize the way electricity can also achieve the purpose of energy conservation, which is strongly advocated by the Government, but also all citizens should be due obligations.

Third, "line loss" can be measured through the smart meter to the residents inside the electricity to go?

The so-called "line loss", is the power transmission equipment, power lines in the transmission process of loss of power, is in the user before the meter occurred. The meter is measured in the meter after the customer's electricity consumption, wire loss of electricity is not measured into the customer's meter.

Four, what is the meter "sensitivity"?

The so-called meter "sensitivity", from the professional meter is the size of the starting current, but also often said that the lower limit of the range of energy meter.

Five, why the home after the switch off the meter is still "beating"?

Customers reflect the home gate off the meter is still "beating", is due to home after the gate off, the smart meter LCD screen is still circulating the date, time, power and other information, it seems in the "beating." At this point, the smart meter is actually in a voltage no current state, in this case, the circuit will not produce power, power will not increase. Now use the smart meter in the case of power (no voltage), the LCD screen can still press the panel "button" light, cycle display date, time, power and other information, which is different from the previous ordinary electronic meter.