Metering Principle Of Electronic Diaphragm Gas Meter

- Sep 19, 2018-

Prepaid film gas meter is based on the mechanical basis, the increase of electronic measurement, usually in the mechanical roller, and in the highest precision position with a magnet, and the upper and lower roller with two reeds, when the magnet did not reach the reed position, the two reed off; when the magnet to its turn to its position; When a middle reed pipe is in position, the reed pipe is drawn. According to the above circuit diagram configuration, it will output circuit waveforms S0, S1, such as the right part of the diagram, the SCM to judge the two sets of waveforms, you can get the working state of the gas meter. When S0 and S1 have a low pulse one after another, it can be judged as an effective pulse measurement, then the pre-stored gas purchasing capacity can be reduced; when S0 (or S1) output between the two pulses, S1 (or S0) no output pulse, can be judged gas meter S1 (or S0) fault, should do some fault treatment, such as alarm, shut off the valve. And so on. The above is the basic principle of electronic metering gas consumption.

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