Notes For 5 Ambassadors Of Intelligent Plug-in Water Meter

- Dec 27, 2018-

1. Prevent the surface from entering water. Intelligent plug-in water meter is not waterproof, water intake on the surface will lead to short circuit damage of electrical components.

2. Attention should be paid to the dust-proof strip of the jack when transporting gas. This strip is used to prevent oil fume or other foreign matter from entering the card reader, resulting in the reader not working properly. The correct use method is: before inserting the card, the leather strip must be pulled apart, and after the gas transmission is completed according to the correct insertion method, the leather strip will be reset.

At present, we have found that many users do not pull out the pipes before gas transmission, but insert them directly with the pipes into the card reader, which leads to the phenomenon that gas can not be pumped in, false display cards, damage of the card reader, etc.

3. pay attention to regular battery inspection. Batteries are used for different periods of time due to the amount of electricity. Therefore, regular checks should be made to check whether the batteries used are in good condition and whether there is any fluid flow. Once the battery flow, it will lead to the corrosion of the spring in the battery box, resulting in electricity consumption, low power, no gas meter reaction and valve closure. Users are advised to check at least once every two months. Suggestion: If you do not use gas for a long time, you should remove the battery, so as to prevent the battery fluid from corroding the spring plate of the battery box, and also to prevent the self-locking of the intelligent water meter.

4. If there is a simple fault in the gas meter, it can not be eliminated according to the operation guide in the manual. Users shall not use open fire to inspect and knock.

5. Users shall not wrap the gas meter in a relatively closed space. For example, in order to be beautiful, many users directly wrap the gas meter in the closed and narrow space such as the closet when decorating, which will become a potential safety hazard in the future.

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