Prepayment Meter Has Become A Necessity For The National Grid

- May 26, 2018-

Prepayment meter has become a necessity for the national grid

Since the National Grid identified the development plan of the smart grid in 2009, the seven-year development of prepaid meters has entered a phase of comprehensive construction. With a large population base, the demand for prepaid meters will be enormous.

In addition to the metering function of the old-fashioned energy meter, the prepaid meter also has the bi-directional multi-rate metering function required for the development of the smart grid, two-way communication for multi-data transmission, user-side control, and other intelligent functions, which represent the future electric energy. Development of the table.

In summary, prepayment meters mainly have the following characteristics:

As shown in Figure 1, the pre-paid function, that is, the payment and reuse of electricity, greatly solves the problems of the previous difficulty of charging and the difficulty for retail investors to manage. At the same time, the user can decide how much electricity he recharges according to his own power consumption, and save expenses.

2, to facilitate the management of power management personnel, IC card to avoid the manual meter reading door charges the same, you can save the data, managers and users can query.

3, long life, low power consumption.

4, Pre-existing power shortage and overload alarm function.

5, to prevent theft.

Prepaid meters have become more and more abundant for the traditional functions of traditional energy meters. In the next few years, prepaid meters will quickly become popular and bring greater convenience to people's electricity consumption and management.

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