Smart Gas Meter Common Problems And Solutions

- Feb 24, 2019-

Smart gas meter common problems and solutions

    With the improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, there are more and more intelligent products in modern households, and smart gas meters have been widely used in ordinary households. At present, the domestic smart gas meters mainly include IC card smart gas meter, CPU card smart gas meter, radio frequency card smart gas meter, direct reading type remote gas meter and wireless remote gas meter. The application of smart gas meter is more secure. Reliable, intelligent, but there will be some problems in the application, the following methods can quickly determine and solve the corresponding problem.

Smart gas meter common problems and solutions

1. Do not ventilate after using the smart gas meter.

There are many reasons for this problem. First, check if the pipe is ventilated or check if the pipe is bent. If the ventilation of the pipeline is normal, observe whether the air volume displayed on the display is zero. If it is zero, it indicates that gas purchase is required. In addition, if the appliance of the smart gas meter is exhausted, there will be no ventilation.

2, the situation of abnormal closing of the valve

At this time, it is necessary to check whether there is strong magnetic interference near the gas meter, and remove the strong magnetic interference and then remove the user card to resume ventilation.

3, over-current shut-off valve

If the over-flow shut-off valve occurs by chance, the use environment is abnormal, which is the normal protective shut-off valve of the smart gas meter. If the over-current shut-off valve occurs frequently, the smart gas meter is faulty and needs to contact the gas company.

4. The smart gas meter does not read the card.

This is a common situation. There are three main solutions. First, clean the surface of the user card and re-insert the card. Second, when inserting the card, pay attention to whether the direction is correct and whether the card is in place. The last step is to check if the gas inventory is zero.

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