Smart Meter Is The Future Development Trend

- Feb 19, 2018-

Europe is the region with the highest penetration of smart meters, and as Italy and Sweden enter the early cycle of smart meters, Western countries have exposed huge demand for energy meters. The European Union plans to complete 250 million meter installations by 2022, and Germany also puts forward the deployment targets for utilities from 2017 to 2032. In addition, in South Africa and other regions are in dire need of new energy meters to stop losses, eliminate local electricity theft and arrears. In terms of demand, it is not possible to rely solely on the European market for such a large amount of energy meter demand, which presents an opportunity for electricity meter exports, coinciding with the export growth of integrated circuits in the first quarter of this year.

Not only that, the concept of energy-saving emission reduction in the global reach consensus, green development has become a common goal. The key to save energy is to let power customers to jointly manage their own needs, which puts forward new requirements for watt-hour meter technology. At the same time, promoting the development of energy demand management includes improving the coverage of intelligent watt-hour meter and the application of the system of Internet of things, which has become a major factor in the demand growth of electric energy meter.