Smart Terminal Hardware System

- Jul 03, 2018-

smart terminal hardware system

The hardware system of smart terminal is composed of the core of the main processor, and the hardware system of the intelligent terminal is divided into 3 levels, which are the main processor kernel, the SoC level device and the board level device. The main processor core and SoC level devices are interconnected by on-chip buses, while board level devices are usually connected to the system through SoC level devices.

CPU and internal bus constitute a general computer processor core, providing core operation and control functions. Considering the cost and reliability of the system, in general, some common devices and processor cores will be integrated on a single chip, such as the Flash controller, the Mobile DDR controller, the UART controller, the memory card controller, the LCD controller and so on. Board level devices are generally connected to the main CPU through a communication interface, usually a number of functional independent processing units (such as mobile communication processing units, GPS receivers) or interactive devices (such as LCD displays, keyboards, etc.).

Board level devices are other devices that are not on the same chip with the processor core. It is called the board level device, mainly from the angle of the main processor kernel. From the architecture, it may itself also be a complete computer system, for example, the GPS receiver also integrates the ARM kernel to calculate the current location through the received satellite signals. Board level devices usually use data interfaces to connect to the main processor. For example, GPS receivers generally use UART interface to exchange data with the main processor. The board level equipment is very rich, mainly including the following categories: storage class, such as memory chip, Flash chip, mobile communication processing part, mobile communication processing part mainly provide the support of mobile communication, including baseband processing chip and RF chip. The baseband processing chip is used to synthesize the baseband signal for the upcoming launch, or to decode the received baseband signal. Baseband processing chip is usually the structure of microprocessor + digital signal processor, and uses UART interface to connect with the main processor. RF chips are responsible for sending and receiving baseband signals. Communication interface classes such as Bluetooth controller, infrared controller, WiFi network card and so on. Interaction classes, such as loudspeaker, microphone, keyboard, LCD display, etc. Sensor class, such as camera, acceleration sensor, GPS and so on.

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