The Processor And Features Of The Smart Terminal

- Jul 03, 2018-

smart terminal processor is one of the core devices of intelligent terminals. Its function and efficiency have great influence on the performance of the whole system. In the intelligent terminal hardware architecture described above, the intelligent terminal processor is equivalent to the collection of the kernel and SoC devices, usually in the form of a single SoC chip. The basic requirements of intelligent terminals for processors are three main points.

(1) high performance intelligent terminal development is very rapid, new applications emerge in endlessly, many applications require intelligent terminals to have high performance. Therefore, the intelligent terminal processor is required to have high performance to provide complete function and better experience to the user.

(2) high integration smart terminal is very sensitive to size, so it requires the processor to have a high degree of integration, and can integrate more devices on a smaller size. This can not only control the whole terminal size, but also reduce the complexity of the design and improve the reliability of the system.

(3) low power smart terminals are mostly battery powered, and the power consumption of the system is very sensitive. Therefore, the processor is required to have a lower power consumption. Some of the above three are complementary, for example, high integration often means high performance, while others are contradictory, for example, performance increases often cause an increase in power consumption. This requires designers to rationally design the balance between the three according to the application scenarios, so as to achieve a balance.

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