What Are The Advantages Of Smart Meters?

- Apr 28, 2018-

What are the advantages of smart meters?

Advances in science and technology have promoted the development and upgrading of all aspects of society, in which conventional meters have been transitioned to smart meters. Compared with traditional electricity meters, smart meters have a number of new functions such as highly intelligent control, energy saving, and two-way multi-rate query, in addition to the basic functions of metering electricity expenses. As long as the residents use smart meters that provide first-class services, they can not only formulate their own power plans, but also save a lot of money in the payment of electricity bills. It can be said that the emergence of smart meters indicates that residents have embarked on the road to intelligent terminal grid. What are the advantages of smart meters?

1. The smart meter does not require manual meter reading. The staff can easily calculate the electricity consumption of each household and pay the fees by simply using a computer. This not only avoids a lot of manpower consumption, but also avoids the mistakes that occur due to manual meter reading.

2. Smart meters save electricity expenses. It is well-known that there are certain differences between peak and valley electricity prices. Generally speaking, the peak electricity tariff will be higher and the valley tariff will be lower. Residents can use smart meters to formulate practical power plans. This can save electricity bills at the same level of electricity consumption.

3, smart meter consumption is clear, compared to traditional meter, excellent quality smart meter display can often display a variety of information. Residents can know through the display screen the current remaining electricity bills, the current remaining amount of electricity, and the amount of electricity consumed last month, which makes them aware of their own power consumption.

4. The payment of smart meters is quick and easy. At the present stage, not only many supermarket convenience stores can provide electricity recharging and payment services, but also many online payment platforms have opened electricity payment services. The emergence of a variety of electricity payment methods makes it unnecessary for people to run to the power company to pay the electricity fee. It is only necessary to pay near the site or pay online.

5. The smart meter automatically alarms when electricity is used. When the resident's home has a high electricity load or the remaining battery is insufficient, it will automatically alarm, which will remind the residents to reduce the power load or timely recharge.

The universal use of smart meters bids farewell to the old model of hand-held meter payment, and an electricity meter will no longer be used to provide a simple set of numbers to people, but a smart terminal that collects information such as residents' names, home addresses, and payment of fees. . The extensive use of smart meters not only solves the problem of difficulty for the power company to collect fees, but also helps the residents to achieve a careful calculation of electricity consumption. It is a good thing for residents.

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