What Are The Common Problems Encountered When Using Prepaid Meters?

- Aug 24, 2018-

1, how to operate electricity for the first time?

If it is a newly installed prepaid meter, the user needs to insert a matching IC card into the card of the management machine. As long as the correct insertion of the management system will automatically open an account for the card, and then the IC card will be inserted into the card of the prepaid meter or the induction area, the meter will automatically read out the data in the IC card. And save it in memory, then the user can use the IC card to buy electricity.

2. When will the card be removed after the card is inserted?

Users need to brush the IC card in the induction area or plug-in card after buying electricity. Many users take the IC card away immediately after brushing, which is not correct. After swiping the card, the prepaid meter automatically identifies the number information in the IC card, and then reads the power information. This takes a long time. If the prepaid meter is taken away too quickly, it can not read the information and the power in the IC card.

3, how can we automatically cut off the power?

When the residual electricity in the prepaid meter has reached the alarm value, it will automatically switch off and power off. The purpose is to remind users to buy electricity in time. At this point, the user can first swipe the card in the induction area or card insertion, the meter will temporarily restore power supply for the user, but also to buy electricity as soon as possible and charge the prepaid meter.

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