What Are The Functional Features Of Prepaid Three-phase Energy Meters?

- May 26, 2018-

What are the functional features of prepaid three-phase energy meters?

Prepaid three-phase energy meter: After the first payment, the electricity will be used, and the arrears will be automatically cut off and renewed.

◆ One-card function: It can realize a card with water meter, gas meter and heat meter.

◆ Constant alarm: You can set the user's constant alarm value. When the user's power is left to the constant alarm value, the meter displays as the normal status. The digital tube displays the remaining power in the watch.

◆ Power off alarm: You can set the user's alarm value. When the user's power is left to the alarm value, the power meter will automatically power off, reminding the user to purchase power in a timely manner. After the power off alarm, the card can be resumed to supply power again.

◆ Zero-power-off: When the remaining amount in the meter is zero, the meter will be powered off automatically. After purchasing the card, the card can be resumed.

◆ Anti-power hoarding function: When the recharge amount exceeds the limit, the meter will not read the purchased electricity in the card until the sum of the remaining electricity in the meter and the current purchase amount is less than the limit.

◆ The use of logical encryption card and dynamic encryption algorithm, strong confidentiality, the card data can be maintained for more than 10 years.

◆ Infrared, wireless and RS485 interfaces can be provided according to user requirements to achieve remote data transmission.

◆ SMS alert function: You can use SMS to inform the user of the current month's electricity situation and the current parameters of the meter (a meter with a remote interface has this feature).

◆ use of ambient temperature: a 25 °C ~ 55 °C

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