What Is The Definition Of Gas Meter

- May 26, 2018-

What is the definition of gas meter

The outside of the gas meter can only see the digital drum in the small glass window. There are seven digits on the wheel. The four decimal places are black and the last three are red. People's daily use of fuel has been seriously wasted by firewood, coal and other resources. The traditionally polluted energy has been transformed into clean energy such as natural gas, natural gas, and even electricity. Gas meters must play a role here. With its auto-accumulation function, personnel using natural gas or piped gas can easily know how much gas is used so that the consumption of cubic meters of natural gas can be paid each month. .


When you use gas, you can see the slow rotation of the lowest number of wheels. When the lowest digit is from 0 to 9, the number wheel in front of it rotates to increase the reading. This is a carry. Obviously, this is also a fractional counting device called a "roller counter". Its shape is as follows.

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