What Is The Future Development Prospect Of Ultrasonic Water Meter?

- Feb 21, 2020-

The first advantage is that compared with the traditional mechanical meter, the ultrasonic meter is a full electronic water meter, without mechanical impeller and mechanical wear, so its service life is very long, and the maintenance cost and labor cost will be further reduced for the water company.

The second advantage is that the ultrasonic water meter is good enough, it can also achieve the detection of various water quality or water components, and can provide a more effective means for water companies in the analysis of water components. In addition, it can resist vibration, radiation, infrared interference and electromagnetic interference.

The third advantage is the high accuracy of measurement, far higher than the ordinary mechanical water meter. Especially in the case of small flow, the traditional mechanical meter may not be able to measure, but the ultrasonic measurement method can still work. Reduce non revenue water supply or disputed water supply caused by meter measurement error of water supply department.