What Is The Wireless Prepaid Gas Meter?

- Sep 21, 2019-

1. At present, there are two mainstream gas meters on the market, one is a traditional mechanical membrane gas meter and the other is a prepaid membrane gas meter.

2. The mechanical membrane gas meter is measured by the mechanical roller. The mechanical roller is operated according to the gas volume used. Each time a unit is used, the roller count is incremented by one to finally realize the gas volume measurement record. The advantage of the mechanical gas meter is that the metering is reliable and the quality is stable. The disadvantage is that the meter reading is troublesome, and the manual meter reading is required. The gas company needs to invest a lot of financial resources.

3. The prepaid membrane type gas meter is improved on the basis of the traditional mechanical type. The electronic metering method, prepayment and display function are added on the basis of the original, and the working state of the current gas meter can be displayed. The prepaid method of using gas after gas purchase first greatly reduces the gas company and labor costs.

4. At present, domestic smart gas meters mainly include IC card smart gas meter, CPU card smart gas meter, radio frequency card smart gas meter, direct reading type remote gas meter (wired remote transmission meter) and wireless remote gas meter (accumulation). ) These categories, and with the improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, the demand for intelligent products required by modern families will promote the development of smart gas meters in the direction of safety, reliability and intelligent convenience.

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