Why Choose To Use Single-phase Electronic Energy Meter

- Aug 30, 2017-

As the electronic energy meter than the induction type energy meter high accuracy, low power consumption, starting current is small, wide load range, no mechanical wear and many other advantages, more and more widely used. However, the current market, many types of electronic energy meter manufacturers, the quality of uneven, poor choice, not only can not play the advantages of electronic energy meter, but will bring undue loss and increase the workload of maintenance and management. Buy single-phase electronic energy meter

Electronic energy meter and we are familiar with the induction type energy meter (commonly known as mechanical watches), both the same place, there are not the same place, and different places more, especially the internal table, induction meter is the use of electricity Magnetic induction components, which is the core, iron and mechanical transmission device; and electronic energy meter is mainly used in electronic components, namely: resistance, capacitance plus integrated circuits. Therefore, according to the electronic energy meter to this feature to choose. In other words to the technical requirements of electronic equipment to choose, and can not simply copy the previous selection of mechanical power meter technical requirements to choose electronic energy meter