Why Is The Remote Meter Reading Of Prepaid Meters So Popular?

- Aug 24, 2018-

1. Reliable communication and fast meter reading.

Remote meter reading is based on antenna fixed-point communication, so it will not be affected by any fluctuations in the power grid, and after the installation work, it can carry out 24-hour communication. In addition, professional remote meter reading also has the characteristics of fast and accurate, through the use of electronic eye technology to identify the reading on the meter, thus to protect. The certificate data can be more accurate and the speed of meter reading can be accelerated.

2, have remote proofreading technology.

Word-of-mouth remote meter reading also uses advanced remote proofreading technology, staff can at any time on the spot or remote power consumption proofreading, but also on the user's power consumption for careful inquiry, and automatically copy the data received in time for statistics and billing, and finally automatically generate a more detailed electricity file. At the same time, remote meter reading can also arrange the data on the meter in the correct order, and ensure that the data can be transmitted accurately.

3. Strong functionality

Remote meter reading has an automatic alarm function, which can make real-time analysis of the line and flow changes. If the water supply pipeline leaks or breaks, the equipment will automatically start the alarm function. After receiving the information, the maintenance personnel will rush to the scene for processing in the first time, so as to minimize the loss of tap water.

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