Why Mechanical Water Meter Was Eliminated

- Apr 28, 2018-

Why mechanical water meter was eliminated

With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more hi-tech technologies have been used in our lives. One of them is smart water meters. Intelligent water meters gradually occupy the market of ordinary mechanical water meters with its own powerful advantages. So, what is the gap between ordinary mechanical water meters and smart water meters?

Ordinary mechanical water meters, which are the common water meters we used in our homes. The basic working principle is to use the pressure generated by the flow of tap water to drive the rotation of the internal gear of the water meter, and the water meter shows that the gears under the disk drive the rotation of the pointer to count, so as to achieve the purpose of measuring the water consumption, because the price is low and the count can be achieved. The use of a wide range of uses.

However, most ordinary mechanical water meters are out of the room. When the water management department wants to perform meter reading for users, users are hardly guaranteed to be at home. Therefore, it will increase the number of non-meaningful workloads of meter reading personnel. Running, because it is a manual meter reading, it is also very easy to charge less, charge more or even no charge, and if you put the water meter outside, the management is relatively easy, but the accompanying problems will follow.

The first is that because many water meters are copper, there will be many illegal elements to steal watch sales at night; in addition, the low temperature in winter causes the glass of the watch case to freeze and crack, causing a lot of water leakage, causing losses to the water company and mechanical wear. Larger, it is easy to be inaccurate or broken.

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