Why Use Mobile Phone Remote Prepaid Meter?

- Apr 13, 2019-

At present, the hydropower management of property district is simple and backward. The hydropower management is not only related to the economic benefits of property, but also closely related to the social responsibility of enterprises.

The traditional way of charging water and electricity needs to read the meter uniformly, then come back to calculate the water and electricity charges, and then come to the door to collect fees. Labor is large, time-consuming and fees are difficult. Some owners are in arrears of water and electricity fees, or they often encounter owners when they come to their doors. As well as later more scientific plug-in water meter also has many shortcomings: the owner's purchase card is easy to lose, recharge needs to go to the property management office, need to be equipped with special recharge water and electricity management personnel.

The hydroelectric remote management system is a standardized, refined and intelligent energy management information system based on the property energy management model. It collects, processes, analyses and processes the data of each household's hydroelectric meter in order to realize the omni-directional monitoring and management function for the use of hydroelectric power, and to improve the economic benefits of property and the satisfaction of owners.

The system is widely used in residential areas, office buildings, industrial parks, apartments, rental houses, factories, dormitories, supermarkets, markets, supermarkets and other fields.

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