Zhejiang Chint Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd (hereinafter called Chint Meter) is one of the core subsidiaries of the CHINT Group, which was founded in 1998, and is located in the IOT industrial park, Binjiang District, Hangzhou. The company also has a manufacturing base in Wenzhou.

Chint Meter is a state-level high-tech enterprise, focusing on energy measurement equipment and system solutions, forming the synergic development of multi-industries pattern which includes energy meter, gas meter, water meter, heat meter, industrial instrument, analog instrument and vehicle charging equipment. 

The company always adheres to the industrial development, innovation-driven, and has established a provincial institute of Measurement and Testing Technology, with more than 300 R&D personnel and more than 150 independent intellectual property rights of products and patents, and hosted or participated formation and modification of more than 50 international, national, industrial and users’ standards. The company implements quality traceability mechanism strictly, and continues to promote the construction of information technology and intelligent manufacturing, and passed the "integration of informationization & industrialization” assessment at the first batch. The company roots in China but focuses globally, and the marketing service network has been developed all over the world.

Looking ahead, Chint Meter always adheres to the mission of "promote industrial progress and improve the quality of life", and is lasting to make products and services meet the satisfaction of domestic and international customers, to make unremitting endeavor for the energy Internet and measurement technology industry! 


Development History

Beginning stage (1996—2000)

● In 1996, the company merged Yueqing HuanQiu meter Co.,Ltd. 

● In 1998, the company merged Sunshine and Shilian, then set up Zhejiang Chint Instrument & Meter Co.,Ltd. 

● In 1999, around 15 models of product such as DD701 long-life induction watt-hour meter has been enrolled in       National Urban and Rural Power Grids Construction and Reform Recommended Directory by State Economic

   and Trade Commission.

Consolidation stage ( 2001—2006)

● In 2001, the company invested 80 million to build Wenzhou Bridge Chint meter industry zone.

● In 2002, the company entered into gas meter industry.

● In 2003, the company set up R&D center in Shanghai, and cooperated with America company Echelon to do

   the research of Power Line Carrier Technology; its Ad-hoc network technology has obtained invention patent;

   the automatic meter reading system based on this technology has been included in the National Torch Program

   Projects and won the China Mechanical Industry Scientific-technical Progress Award.

● In 2003, “Chint” brand meter has been named as “China Famous Brand Product”, and considered as “National 

   Inspection-free Product”.

Rapid development stage (2007-2013)

● In 2007, Chint gas meter has passed the universal testing in Netherlands’ NMI laboratory, and became the first

   model gas meter which passed the 8,000 hours life-long durability test. It has acquired 5 certificates which are

   EEC、EN1359、OIML、MID and Netherlands National Standard.

● In 2008, the R&D center has been moved into Hangzhou, with manufacturing base in Wenzhou.

● In 2009, the company has been identified as State-level High-tech Enterprise by Ministry of Science and 


● In 2009, the company has passed the EDF prototype test, and became the qualified supplier of the EDF.

● In 2012, the company became Zhejiang Province Standard Innovative Enterprise; the R&D center 

   was identified as Zhejiang Province High-tech Enterprise R&D center.

● In 2012, the company built up Product Life Cycle Quality Traceability System.

● In 2013,the company had the honor to get IEC1906 Award for Year 2012.

Transformation and upgrading stage (2014—)

● In 2014, the company won the "AAAA Standard of Good Behavior Enterprise” title.

● In 2014, the building of company’s energy measurement technology was successfully completed in Binjiang

   IOT industrial park, and has become the supplier and service providers of electric, gas, water, heat energy

   measurement system solutions and equipment. 

● In 2015, the company passed the "integration of informationization & industrialization” assessment at the first 


● In 2016, the company’s measurement technology research institute has been identified as Zhejiang Province-

   level Enterprise Research Institute.

Development Plan

The operation revenue trend chart of Chint Meter 

Unit: hundred million RMB

The operation revenue trend chart of Chint Meter.png