Smart Integrated prepayment vendingsystem


● General

Chint offers a reliable and affordable prepayment vending system to help utilities optimizethe delivery and use of electricity, paving the way for a more efficient and reliable grid.

The system has the key features of interoperability,security and scalability,includes full

arrange of prepayment meters, Data concentrator, system software for vending collection, delivery, management and analyses


● Function



● Functionalities


◇ STS Encryption, Tax and Tariff management.

◇ Authorization, supervision and management of vending point.

◇ Remote tariff programming, remote disconnection & reconnection.

◇ Demand side management and Data analysis functions

◇ Tamper event, grid event, meter event collection, user-defined report, load profile


Open Standard

◇ DLMS/COSEM protocol

◇ STS standard protocol

◇ Multi-database platform support: ORACLE, SQL-Server


◇ Multi-vending terminals support such as e-bank, Mobile POS, Vending Card, ATM,CDU. Etc

◇ Multi-communication channels support such as GPRS, Ethernet, SMS, Optical Fiber.

◇ Downlink channels support such as PLC, RF, ZIGBEE, RS485, etc



◇ Independent operation management by branch office

◇ Support WEB load balancing and database load balancing technology

◇ Data acquisition application support multi-server

◇ Unified system management and disaster recovery switchover supported by head office



◇ Multi-level accesses authorization management

◇ User accessed and vending transaction traceable

◇ Abnormal case analysis, billing data analysis, etc.


● Terminals



● Vending Channels

    E-bank. Mobile POS, Vending Card. ATM. CDU, etc


● Communication Channels 

   GPRS, Ethernet, SMS, Optical Fiber.